take profits in bull markets, hold cash for when you get to bear markets. A slow game, but very profitable. So now my trade bots do a simple buy. Old. Q&A. Nanodragon • 2y ago. Vancouver is home to Bear Bull Traders. A few of the main traders live there. Upvote 4. Downvote Reply reply. depends what you trade. if you trade large float stocks, bear bull traders always do premarket show on youtube with scanner. there are also. 19 votes, 39 comments. Got a question for you daytrading veterans. I began day trading in the beginning of this bear market, so obviously I. DAS Trader sells your info to day trading gurus. “Bear bull traders”. meta.

bears and the bulls with next week officially being a brief Bear takeover. Introduction to New Section: Trading in a Bear Market. Rest of the title. I don't trade stocks, but you highlighted one of my favourite patterns. A two legged pullback with an entry on the red candle about where you. Bear Bull Traders is a really good group with a ton of good materials available once you've joined. They have a free one week trial that. As for youtube, you can watch Warrior trading educational videos or bear bull traders videos. r/Daytrading - Which trading books do you. Just a group of serious traders supporting each other bull market is different trading style than middle of bear market low volume. I think Bear Bull Traders, One option/OptionStalker, and JMJ Investments are legit. I also think Frank Ochoa (the Pivot Boss) is great. But. The entire idea around trading is to just piggyback the institution's trades; so yes, you can be bullish or bearish side by side with the. From my knowledge he mostly trades bull flags low float. His entry is typically on a micro pullback, I think 30 seconds or less, then sell. 24 votes, 38 comments. This is the hot questions of the millennials. And also pro traders. The only difference being pro traders are making. To simplify, bear market is marked by substantial price declines, while a bull market is marked by substantial price increases. trading but I cannot find good educational videos without paying thousands of dollars. I bought subscription with bear bull traders, their.

I also like Andrew Aziz from Bear Bull Traders. It's not really a Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of April · Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of. If you're looking for a free Discord, please join our official server here. A list of the rules can be found here, and if you're new to r/. bear bull traders and then saw the traders over trading by yourself or with other chatrooms or services: r/Daytrading. Brokerage ["SureTrades" or CMD - both have no PDT requirements]. Chatroom ["Warrior Trading" or "Bear Bull Trader$"]. Scanner [TOS, "DAS Trader. u/bearbulltraders: Andrew Aziz is a Canadian trader & proprietary asset administrator at Peak Capital Trading, Forbes Council official part, investor. trades. As for youtube, you can watch Warrior trading educational videos or bear bull traders videos. But don't take everything you watch or. Bear bull traders Andrew Aziz always posts his recap on YouTube and Reddit · reReddit: Top posts of April · Reddit · reReddit: Top posts. I knew nothing about trading but took a chance on his courses (Bull, Bear, Options, Crypto), bought chart prime life time, Bravos indicators. · u/bearbulltrader - Bear Bull Traders - Get to know Trade. Upvote 1. Downvote 0 comments.

bull trend. Same goes for short, but i only swing long. I tend to only short stocks in day trades. The larger trend increases the. Bear Bull Traders seems to be a platform that emphasizes education, technology, and community engagement. They offer a variety of resources for. I think there are better alternatives who know more than her. ZipTrader, Bear Bull Traders are so much more knowledgeble than her and don't have. It's obvious most people trading are clueless. For example, every time I comment that I am not a bear or bull, I trade based on which way I. OneOption Tradenet Oliver Velez LiveTraders Real Life Trading SMB Capital Bear Bull Traders StockBee Qullamaggie reddit channel with.

I've traded options for 15 years and have watched the market behavior through bull and bear, through external shocks like the Greek debt crisis. Most of those who fail are the ones quit in the bear market though Day traders are always on the edge, most gamblers and have to. bull/bear market or just only trade one. -Greed. -Desperation. -Poor risk management. -Backtesting didnt transfer to live trading. In.

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